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Frequently Asked Questions

What is animal rescue and how does it work?

Animal recuse organizations take in neglected or unwanted animals and rehabilitate, train and find them suitable homes.  All of this is made possible by donations from the public and the volunteers who may take animals home to foster until a forever home is found.

Do your rescue animals stay with T&MHH forever?

Our animals come to us from all kinds of places and for all kinds of reasons.  Some of them have been extremely neglected or abused and will never be placed up for adoption so they will live their lives as as happy healing herd animals. Others just need some love, and training and can partner with us in our wellness program and become eligible for adoption.  Each animal and situation is different and the animals well being is our number one concern. 


How much does it cost to run a non profit animal rescue?

The cost varies from animal to animal.  Each animal is seen by a vet upon arrival and assessed for treatment.  They all get up to date on their vaccinations, spay and neutering, flea and tick treatment and may see a ferrier , chiropractor or massage therapist if needed. They are also put a specific diets to help them maintain a healthy weight and begin socialization training with people and animals.  All of these costs do add up but we provide the best care for all of our rescues coming in.


What happens in an animal wellness session?

Animal assisted wellness is a holistic experience  that involves working in collaboration with an animal ambassador in the healing herd, and an expert animal handler and a certified wellness instructor. During sessions, you interact with the animals. You may carry out tasks such as feeding, grooming and leading the animals. T&M also partners with clinical therapeutic programs.  We  offer therapeutic  healing sessions with an equine specialist and a therapy horse. All sessions are designed by the clinician and the equine specialist to provide a custom session for each client. We work with those living with autism, PTSD, down syndrome, trauma, anxiety  and more


How can I get involved?

If you have an animal that needs rehoming or want to volunteer please fill out the information request form. Thank you.

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