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Our 501c3 Nonprofit was developed to treat and alleviate animal suffering. In addition to rescuing and rehabilitating animals, we are committed to educating and supporting the community through animal-assisted wellness.
We partner with clinical therapeutic programs and we offer holistic sessions with our animal ambassadors and certified yoga, breath-works, meditation guides, and reiki healers. 

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Services Offered

Animal Rescue 

If you need assistance with rehoming an animal please fill out our contact form. We do not accept animal drop offs at the facility.  We can only support so many animals at one time so there may be a waiting period as we tend to the other animals and find them homes.  If this is an emergency please contact animal control, wildlife rehabilitation control, or your local no kill shelter.,

WellnessServices Offered

All wellness services offered help us offset the cost of boarding and care for the animals at T&MHH.

Wellness Day-Offsite

We can bring a few members  of the herd to you!  Please email for details.

Barnyard  Meditation Circle

This is a meditation circle where an animal handler, meditation guide and individuals come together to promote insight, healing, and self-care. The power of connection with others, nature, and the healing herd enhances the experience and provides for a unique opportunity to grow together.

Individual Equine Wellness -

Our PATH certified Equine Specialist in Mental Health and learning  partners with a clinician, special education teacher, or life coach  and one of our therapy equines. As a team we work with clients to help them navigate mental health wellness. 

Barnyard Yoga

1 Hour yoga session  with our expert yoga instructor and our healing herd. Enjoy the benefits of mindful movement in this yoga flow with animals as your classmates. This is an excellent way to have fun in the sun, relieve stress, and take time for yourself!


To book any of these services, or to receive more information, fill out the form below 😊 😊

Benefits of Animal Assisted Wellness

-  Increased trust

-  Reduced anxiety

-  Less feeling of depression and isolation

-  Increased self-esteem, self-acceptance, and social skills

-  Better impulse control

-  Increased problem-solving skills

-  Improved communication skills, including non-verbal

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