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Macie May

15, Standardbred/ Tennesse Walker 

I showed up and changed my mom's life forever.  I taught her how to understand the subtle language of horses, how to listen and connect more intensely and showed her that love is limitless.  I came to her feeling a little broken and afraid from a big move across the country but we have worked together every day to grow, trust and understand. 
I am also responsible for healing my former mom's heart who was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, I  was gentle and kind with her and showed her that I would always be there for her.  I was her best friend. 

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Hello friends, I was kindly donated to this super neat program by my previous owner and I gotta tell ya, I am loving my new home!  I am a 17 year old Thoroughbred/ Morgan cross who enjoys lots and lots of snacks, meeting new friends and prancing around my corral.  I am a very handsome boy who loves attention! I am putting on Lots of weight and learning some manners.



I was taken in by the Healing Herd after my I lost my best buddy tragically to a coyote.  I am very shy and still a little afraid of people but I am warming up day by day.



AKA- Tiny Mighty Mo -Mini donkey age 5 

Hello, bonjour, and howdy! My name is Maurice and I am a 5 year old miniature donkey with a massive personality! I just rode over 1200 miles from Texas to join my new forever family in San Diego. Even though I’m such a good boy, someone had sent me to a kill pen auction where luckily I was saved by my new dad and his friends! They brought me to a beautiful new paradise to live at Olivewood Ranch and I’ve never seen such a beautiful place. My dad promised me that no one will ever mistreat me again, I’ll have new brothers and sisters to play with and all kinds of new toys and treats! Not only that, but I get to meet all kinds of new people and help them! They said I am going to change a lot of lives and I believe them because they sure have changed mine!! Ps I love my apple treat snacks and nose scratches! 



I am the trouble maker in the herd and one of the staff favorites! My hobbies include always trying to figure out how to bust out of my pen and go visit all the other animals. I LOVE treats and cuddling with the staff. I am always very vocal because I love to say hello!


Miss Reba

I am a super loving, playful and sweet soul.  I was relinquished due to some minor issues about knowing the correct place to potty. Now I live a fun and happy life on the ranch.  If you see me please pet me!

recue kitty3.jpg


When I was taken in by the Healing Herd with my brother, boy was  shy!  That has all changed now!  I am super curious and fun loving. My hobbies include yelling for treats, napping in the sun, eating EVERYTHING I can..... even when the staff says no. 


Jameson Ryan

6 year old golden retriever and certified therapy Doggo and bark ranger. All around good boy! I love working with people to help them feel better, my ball, going paddle boarding with mom, hiking, naps and sunbathing.  



I am a 7 month old barn cat recused first by an amazing organization called LYFF. They rescue ferrel cats on their euthanasia date and my time was up along with the other 4 I was recused with!  Thankfully after LYFF took me in, I was again rescued by the Healing Herd!  I now live a supper happy life running around the ranch causing all kinds of ruckus.

rescue kitty4 .jpg


I  love getting into mischief with my brother  Dale! I am a bit of a comedian and love exploring, climbing on things and napping in my feed bin in the sun. I love attention from humans and animals alike. 



I am the introvert of the goat herd. I am still a little shy around people and other animals except my brother Lloyd.  I will come greet you for treats though and enjoy rough housing with the rest of the goat family. 


Miss Peppa

I am the queen of the healing herd, head boss lady!  I am SUPER friendly and extremely smart!  I love treats, eating, playing with my friends and belly rubs! I am basically a dog. 


Mr. Pickles

I'm kinda shy and reserved but I warm up quickly.  I enjoy snacking and lounging in the sun.



Hello friends! My name is  Larry, I am a TH/Morgan cross! I was adopted by the healing herd and began training right away.  I also put on 250 pounds!  I learned manners and how to stand for the ferrier.  

UPDATE- Adopted!!! after being with T&M for 8 months I was adopted by a wonderful woman and am now living a happy healthy life with my new mom!



Hello friends! My name is  Dash and I came all the way from Texas!!!! I am a 17 year old registered paint horse with lots of energy and personality! I loves treats, showing off how fast I can run and playing with all the other horses! I am a kind soul and really enjoy showing people that horses aren't scary! 

DASHphoto for website.jpeg

Mama and Smokey

We were recused by the Healing herd after being rescued on our euthanasia date by LYFF.  We are always going to be wild and free here at the ranch enjoying our life as barn cats!

rescue kitty 2.JPG

Meet The Team

Ciara Guedesse

Chief Executive Officer -Equine Specialist- Recreational Therapy Animal rescue


Has 15 years of experience running recreational therapy programs and specializes in trauma and healing work. 


Rich DePaso

Chief Financial Officer- Animal Rescue


Has 40 years of experience  working with horses and is passionate about animal rescue.


Matt Yaeger

                                   Secretary - Animal Rescue

Matt is an avid animal advocate and spends much of his time caring for and teaching our herd how to trust humans again. He has years of experience and his passion for helping animals and people is very evident. He has a huge heart and is always looking for ways to enrich the lives of our rescues!



Volunteer - Horse Trainer- 

Nyna has been passionate about helping the Healing Herd. Her bond with animals is extremely strong and her love for them knows no bounds.

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